Security Roundup - 2016-02-10

The Underhanded C Contest has posted results of the 2015 competition. 1/3 of entries apparently used a concept called NaN poisoning in their solutions. Full details/write ups of some clever solutions.

The Federal Government seems prepared to fund a dedicated CISO role.

Backchannel is hosting a virtual security round table. Security officers from Dropbox, Box, Twitter, Google and more are answering questions on the future of security.

Why bother with skimmer plates when you can just MitM the unsecured ATM communications? I am never using a free standing ATM again.

Kaspersky’s Security Analyst Summit is currently ongoing, meaning there should be another round of security related videos in the near future.

The group behind the Neutrino Exploit Kit are upping the game slightly by performing passive OS fingerprinting to try to prevent security researchers from collecting samples.

Wordpress is apparently becoming a popular vector to deliver ransomware to unsuspecting users.

Written on February 10, 2016